The very lovely Mr Bates

1 November 2010

Sunday evenings are very strange right now – especially on ITV. First of all there is the iniquitous and faintly depressing display of vainglory and horror that is X Factor and then swiftly afterwards in a switch from the ridiculous to the sublime, there is the wondrousness that is Downton Abbey.

Like so many other viewers, I have been riveted and captivated by the small world of Downton, with its above stairs drama and scandal and the downstairs hotbed of ambition, malevolence and thwarted desire. Forget the horrible Big Brother, Downton Abbey is the best study yet of the way that a disparate group of people, all with their own needs, personalities and agendas co-exist.

Everything about Downton is superb but for me, one of the main draws is the lovely valet  Mr Bates, as played by Brendan Coyle. In fact, he’s becoming a bit of an unlikely crush in certain circles thanks to his soft Irish accent, gently sombre manner and the sweet unspoken romance he has got going on with head housemaid Anna. You should hear the sighs on Twitter every Sunday evening when it’s Downton time and we are all looking forward to seeing him!

Lovely Mr Bates, how I swoon for you. I’ll seriously cry if you ever leave Downton. xx

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