Hello, person with a crush on Russell Crowe!

24 October 2010

One of the incidental benefits to having a blog is having the daily joy of being able to peruse the search terms that brought people here to me. Often they are much as you would expect: ‘Marie Antoinette’s bedroom’ and other times, rather less so: ‘Victorian prostitute in Paris dogging’. Either way it is a nice way of seeing what sort of thing people are interested in reading and I often tailor posts accordingly.

Over the last few days, I’ve had a few hits from someone searching ‘I fancy Russell Crowe’. Now, I like Russell Crowe but I did feel slightly concerned about the confessional nature of this Google query. Were they looking for some sort of support or validation or was it perhaps typed into the pristine white query box in a crazy moment of drunken sincerity?

Some sort of help was clearly required and so I did what any responsible person would do:

@MmeGuillotine – I keep getting hits to my blog from someone who fancies you. xxx

@russellcrowe – What should we do?

@MmeGuillotine – I think they want you to hold them and tell them it will all be okay.

@russellcrowe – It’s your blog, that’s your job.

@MmeGuillotine – You are right. I’ll give them a big hug. Can I tell them that you love them in a platonic way from very far away?

@russellcrowe – Prefer you didn’t. Your bio made me laugh.

@MmeGuillotine – Yes, that would probably end in restraining orders. Thank you! Are you a fan of Victorian Prostitute re-enactment then? x

@russellcrowe – There should be more of it.

So there we have it. Sorry, person who fancies Russell Crowe but apparently you are my problem not his. I sympathise a great deal though as he is clearly very lovely. Feel free to collect your big hug from me any time you like.


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