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21 October 2010

I’ve done quite well lately when it comes to the acquisition of cookery books! Behold!

Firstly, Eat Me!, which is very awesome indeed and is basically a compedium of some very gorgeous looking and sounding cakes, all arranged in seasonal order with some really quite delightful photography!

Secondly, Baking Magic, which includes most of the recipes from cupcake books that I already own by Kate Shirazi and Susannah Blake – it looks like they’ve taken their two books and combined them into one super dooper edition, which is great but I had no advance warning of this fact. No matter, it’s a fab book and has some fantastic looking cakes inside!

Thirdly, Christmas Cupcakes was a present from my husband, which was very nice of him! It has some really lovely ideas for, you guessed it, Christmas cupcakes so definitely one that I’ll be pulling up when the festive season is upon us.

Entertaining at Home was a birthday present from my in laws, which was jolly nice of them. They actually bought me a copy of Nigella Lawson’s Kitchen, without realising that I already own one (I don’t think they read this blog!) but got this one as a replacement, which I am very happy about. I haven’t had time for more than a quick flick through but this book, as expected, is definitely aimed more towards fancier, dinner party type food.

My husband bought me a copy of Jamie’s 30 Minute Meals as a random present last week, which was nice of him. I’d sent him into Tesco to get me some vegetarian bacon and unable to find any that wasn’t evil Quorn, he bought me this instead as a consolation prize. I have to say that I absolutely love this book and am pretty keen to start cooking from it as soon as possible!

Next month, I think I am going to get the River Cafe Green book and the new Giraffe cookbook as well.

Anyway, as I have explained before, I am amassing a huge collection of cookery books but never seem to make anything from them! This is about to change and I have decided to challenge myself to cook from a different book each week throughout next month, starting with the Jamie Oliver one, moving on to the new Nigella Lawson then having a Rachel Allen week and finishing up with the Thomasina Miers’ Mexican cookery tome. Cupcakes will also feature quite heavily, courtesy of the books above plus the Lili Vanilli and Primrose Bakery books too.

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