The secret world of the online crush

20 October 2010

I was waxing lyrical recently to someone about using blogs, Twitter and Facebook to connect with like minded people, when they said to me: ‘But what do you do about people getting crushes on you?’ Now, as a modest sort of person, I wish I could say here that I demurred and said that I didn’t know what they meant but no, I did know and I didn’t really have much of an answer either.

It’s a fact though: the more you talk, the more funny you are and the more you post only the most very flattering photographs of yourself online, the more likely you are to attract an online crush. I don’t mean stalking or anything similar here, let’s be clear about this. I mean just a little bit of a crush. You know the sort of thing, right?

I would say that though as I get crushes too though. I mean, I had one on my husband for almost a year before we actually met just because of the way that he came across online (he was all grumpy and funny – a combination that I apparently find irresistable) and I still get the odd harmless one every so often. I have a minor crush right now in fact. I’ve never met the person in question, but I really love the way that they write. Their physical appearance is actually quite a minor factor in this, which would normally be a bit weird but that’s kind of normal for an online crush isn’t it?

It’s funny though, this way that the internet makes semi celebrities of the most unlikely people and I think that the spectre of the online crush is a manifestation of this. I mean, I’ve often thought that in a lot of cases the glamour of being on television or films compensates for all sorts of flaws – how else can one explain so many people fancying Gordon Ramsay? So does being a bit of a wit or being charismatic on the internet have the same sort of allure?

It’s probably no surprise, but in real life, I am absolutely not the sort of person that people fancy. I’m really not and I’m not just saying that either. However, the world of online is a very different ball park and, especially since I’ve been using my blog and Twitter, I’ve attracted a few admirers in my time, which is lovely but, you know, a bit weird.

Then again, when all they see is me trying to be interesting and amusing and er posting only the most very flattering photographs rather than the awful hypochondriac, messy haired reality, then I guess it becomes a lot more understandable.

So anyway, do you have a secret crush on someone online? Maybe it’s someone really funny that you follow on Twitter or maybe a particularly erudite and sharp blogger?

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