Madame Récamier, up close at Bristol Museum

18 September 2010

We’re lucky enough to have a fantastic museum and art gallery in Bristol and I love taking the boys there for a poke around as they have great natural history displays, a good Ancient Egyptian section and some fantastic works of art.

Stevy and I decided to pay it a visit after leaving Swinky’s Sweets yesterday and had a lovely time showing Oscar the dinosaurs. I don’t think he was as impressed by my favourite piece though, which is an amazing bust of Madame Récamier by Chimard.

You can get really close to the piece so I decided to take plenty of photographs to share with you all! It really is an exquisite work of art.

Don’t you just love her secretive smile?

I really love looking at the back of portrait busts to see what sort of hidden detail there is lurking. Not many other people bother to look so it’s almost like a special secret between the sculptor and myself.

Just look at the sweet little arrows in her hair comb!

Such a beautful piece!

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