Versailles – Mad Men style?

15 September 2010

Well, today’s most exciting bit of news (besides the fact that the Eiffel Tower thankfully was not blown up last night!) has got to be that the writers of Mad Men are now working on a twelve episode series about Louis XIV’s court at Versailles.

With a budget of $2.5 million per episode and filming due to take place on location at Versailles itself, I think that all fanatics about French history in general and Versailles in particular are allowed to give a little squee of excitement at the prospect. Not to mention the fact that if Mad Men is anything to go by, then we are in for a real treat in terms of the rendering of all the drama, glamour and iniquity of Louis XIV’s court.

I can just see it now – a diminuitive actress with a terrible English accent (so that the history buffs among us can complain about the inauthenticity of this) playing Minette d’Orléans, an ethereally blonde but unfeasibly nymphomaniac and kittenish Louise de la Vallière and Athénaïs de Montespan, who will be hotter than the hottest thing ON THE PLANET EVER.

This is great news of course for other periods in history – now that Rome, The Tudors and The Borgias have hit our screens and Versailles is about to appear too. What is going to be next? What period in history would you like to see getting dolled up a little for primetime audiences? The French Revolution? Restoration England? The English Civil War? The Wars of The Roses?

Of course, this isn’t the first time that such a project has been on the cards – I distinctly remember reading in the late 1980s about a plan to make a television series, also called Versailles, which was to star Helena Bonham Carter. Nothing came of this, unfortunately but can you imagine?!

Of course it has just been announced so no one has a clue what it’s going to be like but I reckon they’ll be using Antonia Fraser’s Love and Louis XIV as their inspiration and, okay, Leonardo diCaprio’s turn in The Man In The Iron Mask was pretty ridiculous but aesthetically it was pretty appealing and it paves the way for them hiring another pretty boy thespian like Jonathon Rhys Meyers for the part of the Sun King and with greater justification, let’s be frank.

Anyway, more news as soon as I get any! SO excited! I wonder if they need any extras? I haven’t got any piercings and apparently look amazing in a low cut seventeenth century number…