Nigella Lawson – Kitchen

12 September 2010

As I have previously discussed on here, I am pretty keen on cookery books. It’s a bit sad really as I don’t actually cook from them all that often, I just buy them for the nice pictures and the vague aspirations towards Domestic Goddessery that they foster in me. Yes, I am one of those people who keeps recipe books on their bedside table and likes to ‘read’ them before going to sleep at night. That’s me. I admit it.

I like lots of different cooks but I think Nigella might well be one of my favourites and I am always very, very excited when she brings out a new book. Kitchen was no exception and I got my mitts on a copy just as soon as I could, keen to see what delights lay within its numerous pages alongside photographs of Nigella posing flirtatiously with spoons and looking like Lorelai Gilmore’s poutier twin sister.

Now, the thing is that Kitchen is a pretty immense book but sadly there is very little inside for me. That’s not Nigella’s fault of course, it’s my own because I chose to be a vegetarian many many years ago. I’ve never noticed her books being so dominated by meat dishes in the past but it seems to me that among the savoury dishes on offer, there is very little that is simply vegetable based or even involves fish. I’ve come across several people complaining about how ‘unhealthy’ Nigella’s books and recipes are and have always scoffed a bit at this, but now I do kind of sympathise with this view.

Anyway, on the plus side, the baked stuff and numerous puddings are mostly divine looking with one or two sickly looking exceptions. I’m going to take Nigella’s word about the gorgeousness of Grasshopper Pie, but that isn’t enough, I’m afraid, to coax me into actually trying it!

Also, marmite spaghetti?!

Recipes that I do like the look of and probably will be trying out very soon include: tomato curry with coconut rice, apple and cinnamon muffins, banoffee cheesecake, coconut and cherry banana bread, chocolate banana muffins, chocolate key lime pie (as soon as possible for this one!), lemon meringue fool, old fashioned cheesecake, chocolate peanut butter cheesecake and, oh, you get the idea…

There’s also the genius idea of chocolate brownie bowls – basically chocolate brownies that look eerily reminiscent of dog bowls but are designed to artfully accomodate servings of ice cream. I love them!

Nigella’s tips about running a kitchen are also great, especially her idea about buying a tea towel as a souvenir whenever you go away. I love this and will be doing so myself from now on!

She’s also encouraged me to start putting fairylights in my kitchen again, which can only be a good thing!

In summary: a great cookbook with loads of amazing cakes and puddings but the savoury bits may leave you somewhat disappointed if you don’t eat meat, otherwise you’ll probably love it!