Sherlock – the finale (may contain spoilers)

9 August 2010

Sherlock: Meretricious.

Lestrade: And a happy new year.

This is a bit of a sad admission to make but as soon as last night’s final episode of Sherlock had finished, I watched it all over again thanks to the magic of Sky+ HD which enables me to do sad things like watch The Gilmore Girls at 3am and ‘accidentally’ record entire series of Midsomer Murders.

How good was that though? I can’t remember the last time I was so excited by or into a television show and in fact am raring to watch it for a third time, but will rein it in until my husband gets up later as he was on a night shift again last night and hasn’t seen it yet!

Sherlock was perfect for me though – I adore Sherlock Holmes, am a big fan of non gruesome crime dramas (think Rosemary and Thyme and Jonathan Creek rather than CSI and Bones) and am apt to fall heavily for anything that involves sharply dressed young men cavorting beneath leaden, scudding London skies (think Whitechapel, which is about as I am prepared to go).

Actually, Sherlock had quite a lot in common with Whitechapel and not just the setting, the curious modern reinterpretation of gloomy Victoriana and brilliant Phil Davis. Both series also shared the same broody sense of foreboding and almost too slickly flashy design aesthetic. I love That Sort Of Thing though so there’s no complaints from this quarter!

There were some complaints that the second installment of the three parter wasn’t as good as the first and I would tentatively agree with this, but still think that it was a remarkably entertaining and intelligent piece of television. The third and final part, however, was simply superb in every way and led up to a jaw dropping finale that made me go ‘NOOOO!’ ‘wow, really?’ and then ‘NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!’

Wasn’t You Know Who just like the bastard evil spawn of Graham Norton, Ant From Ant Or Dec and Derek Acorah though?

I don’t want to spoil things for those of you haven’t seen it yet (sorry Dave and Anwen!) so will leave it there but MORE OF THIS SORT OF THING PLEASE, BBC!

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