Love padlocks on the Pont des Arts

19 July 2010

We were intrigued by the thousands of padlocks attached to the sides of the romantic Pont des Arts by the Louvre in the centre of Paris. What could they be for? Perhaps Parisian students, full of woe at having to leave their alma mater attached their bicycle padlocks to the bridge in a poetic expression of their melancholy?

The truth is far less romantic – lovers in Paris write their initials on the padlocks then attach them to the sides of the bridge before casting the key over the side into the shimmering waters of the Seine. How cute is that? I asked Dave if we should head to Bonmarché and get a padlock of our own, but he just looked at me as though I was a bit mad.

It probably comes as no surprise to learn that the Parisian authorities are less than charmed with this new romantic tradition and there are plans afoot to remove all of them. A pity, I think.

I think Felix thought it was a rather odd thing to do.

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