The Red Queen, Mistress of the Revolution and stuff…

12 July 2010

It’s a few weeks now since I got a copy of The Red Queen by Philippa Gregory and still haven’t had time to get started on it! Woe! I’ve had a good look through though and it looks like a brilliant read – full of passion and turmoil and drama so I can’t wait to get cracking!

It’s due out on the 19th of August and I will of course be reviewing it here!

In the meantime, I’ve been staying up later than I ought to in order to read the simply superb Mistress of the Revolution by the lovely Catherine Delors. It really is a brilliant read and I’m particularly enjoying the way that Catherine brings to life the almost painfully exquisite and ornate manner in which the denizens of Versailles would have spoken to each other in which allusions to literature, philosophy and politics rest alongside the language of flirtation and dalliance.

I’ll be posting a proper review just as soon as I’ve finished and then of course I think I will be moving straight onto the follow up For The King, which I have also had for a few weeks and keep looking at longingly as I absolutely adore books set in Bonaparte’s Paris. I also have an interview with Catherine Delors coming up too, although I think she must be completely exhausted by her superb and very informative virtual blog tour this week!