Paris – Sixième Journée

7 June 2010

This morning started off even more badly than all of the others and we didn’t manage to get out until midday, which was a shame as it was our last full day in Paris. We went to our favourite local bakery again for sandwiches and to take sneaky photographs of their gorgeous cakes.

After this we went to the Tuileries to have lunch on a nice shady bench, then went to the Louvre to do some shopping although the entire building was evacuated for some unspecified reason before we could actually attempt to look at any art.

I’ve been quite pleased with some of the photographs that I have taken this week, but just wait until Dave uploads all of his! He is a much better photographer than I will ever be.

The Louvre was pretty busy – unless you went to the bits inside that we wanted to go to, which were fairly empty!

Hung about a bit taking photographs then went into the Louvre again and headed straight to the Medieval Louvre this time, which I rather love. It’s basically the excavated foundations of  a section of the original Louvre walls and donjon. Felix and I managed to lose Dave and Oscar in there, which led to a tearful conversation with one of the curators, who very sternly told me not to cry in front of Felix as it might panic him, which had the effect of making me much calmer. Furnished him with a description of Dave (‘Mon mari est tres grand avec les cheveux bruns et longs. Il avez un bébé avec les cheveux roux et blonds et un T shirt orange’) and he went off and returned a few minutes later with them both! I was SO grateful.

Anyway, we looked around the Egyptian bit again, which was a huge hit with Felix as he loves looking at the stuff in there. Maybe we should take them to Egypt next year instead of Rome or Venice?

We failed to see much of the decorative arts bit, which I really wanted to visit. We did manage to look around the gorgeous apartments of Napoleon III though, which I have never visited before. They were even more overwhelmingly rich and gilt encrusted than Versailles, although there were the occasional feminine touches too like pretty floral wallpapers and delicate pastel paint on the panelling.

Way over the top, but still rather beautiful.

There are some amazing views from the windows too…

After being kicked out of the Louvre at closing time, we sat outside by a fountain for a bit, enjoying the sunshine and watching Felix bathing his feet in the water then running about like a lunatic, chasing pigeons.

I really wanted to do this too but decided that if I took my shoes off, then I would never put them back on again! Words cannot express how sore my feet are after this week!

The offending shoes.

I see stage school in Felix’s future.

Finally managed to drag ourselves onto the Metro after this and went to Breakfast in America, an American diner, for dinner, which was very nice. Dave had a burger and ‘bottomless mug of ole Joe’ and I had omelette, which was really fab. It was a really nice end to the day.

Back at the apartment now and listening to wistful jazz floating in through the window while contemplating packing and listening to Dave talk about the new iPhone, which he is getting in a couple of weeks time. Have just about got used to being an iPad Widow – where does it end?!

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