The second Princesse Joseph de Monaco

23 May 2010

Miniature portrait painted in around 1790 by George Engleheart of Frances Rainford, daughter of Mark Rainsford of Salleen, County Kildare, widow of Major General Doyle Wellbourne and second wife of the Prince Joseph of Monaco, the widower of Françoise-Thérèse de Choiseul-Stainville.

A charming portrait of Prince Joseph, the handsome and dashing husband to Mademoiselle de Choiseul-Stainville and then Mrs Frances Doyle. You can see why both women fell in love with him. Prince Joseph is quite difficult to research online as he shares his name, Joseph Grimaldi, with a well known Victorian clown of the rather creepy variety!

I found the portrait of Frances Doyle here about a year ago and have been hunting for it again, so was quite excited just now to find my link to it again on a forum about Marie Antoinette! I have to say that Mrs Doyle isn’t very pretty and my basic research suggests that she was quite a difficult personality as well, but one hopes that Prince Joseph found something loveable about her!

(I’ve become aware that some of my posts about the Princesse Joseph de Monaco have been pretty shamelessly copied by another blogger. I don’t mind people using the research that I have put a lot of time into as that’s basically why I do it, but please could you credit me if you help yourself to large chunks of information from my blog? I work really hard on this research and it is a bit galling when people come along and basically try to pass it off as their own.)