21 May 2010

We ate all of this sushi on Wednesday afternoon – and best of all, it was FREE, courtesy of Yo! Sushi at Cabot’s Circus in Bristol.

I’m a huge fan of sushi (of the vegetarian variety of course) and love Yo! Sushi because their sushi is lovely and I really adore the way the little bowls go round on the conveyer belt past diners. It’s unnerving though because while I’m eating, I’m watching the bowls go past at the same time, ready to pounce on the next vegetarian goodie that goes past. It’s a bit weird.

Anyway, we went there for my birthday last October, only to have to completely abandon our meal because every single vegetarian sushi that I picked up was covered in fish eggs, which made it all exceedingly vegetarian unfriendly. It was so sad as I’d been really looking forward to going there and I felt very let down as they do claim to be vegetarian.

I don’t usually write complaining emails but made an exception in this case as I wanted them to know that they were doing something that could potentially turn off vegetarian customers like myself. I don’t want to be one of those annoying preachy vegetarians (indeed, many meat eaters have told me that I am the least preachy vegetarian they have ever met) but if a company says that they are veggie friendly but then fails to deliver, then I tell them so.

Unfortunately, for some unknown reason no one replied to my email and I proceeded to unwillingly avoid Yo! Sushi as a result, thinking that their customer services was a bit pants and also that they didn’t really want vegetarian customers. However, a couple of weeks ago I decided that Enough Was Enough and emailed them again to ask why they hadn’t replied to my email and gently reproach them for this.

I was astounded by the response – they apologised loads for not replying (it looks like it went missing in the system), assured me that the fish eggs would no longer go anywhere near the vegetarian sushi (good news for vegetarian customers!) and then offered me a free meal for myself and my husband!

We hastened to take them up on this of course and had the most brilliant time. I tried out some new vegetarian things on the menu – lovely pumpkin fritters (ironically, I had to have them twice as my first one had chicken stuck to it!) and crispy vegetable gyoza plus lots and lots of avocado maki sushi, which is my absolute favourite. Dave isn’t vegetarian so had some very exciting sushi rolls, while Oscar had fruit and custard pancakes after repudiating an offering of cucumber maki sushi. We finished off with weird chocolate and rice balls, which had a very odd texture but were satisfyingly chocolatey.

I dread to think how much our meal came to (the bowls are colour coded by price so it would be easy to work out) but the staff were very lovely and generous and showed us the menu while encouraging us to order as much as we liked. I felt very un-British and greedy eating so much free sushi, but after seven months of boycotting them, I’m afraid that we fell upon it all in a ravenous manner.

It was thoroughly delicious and a really lovely gesture on the part of the team at Yo! Sushi in Bristol. If any of you ever come across this then I would like to say thank you SO much and I will definitely be back!

Anyway, let’s all gawp in horrified amazement at that immense pile of bowls again shall we?