Lucile Desmoulins research

21 May 2010

I’ve spent a productive and actually rather exciting morning researching the Lucile Desmoulins chapters of my new book and I think that I am almost ready to start writing her bits – I just have a couple more bits and pieces of information that I need to glean, and which I am hoping that the National Archives in Paris will give me.

The plaque above comes from the outside of number 22 Rue de Condé in Paris, where the Laridon-Duplessis family inhabited an apartment on the third floor. In the eighteenth century, there was a clear view between the apartment of the Duplessis family and that inhabited by Camille Desmoulins on the Place de l’Odéon so that the young couple were able to blow kisses to each other from their windows.

I’m really looking forward to seeing these spots for myself in just over a week! I’ll also be visiting the site of the Hôtel de Choiseul as well as the houses inhabited by the St Amaranthe family, Princesse Joseph de Monaco and her unfortunate mother, the Comtesse de Stainville. Expect lots of photographs!

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