Miniature beauties

15 May 2010

Long time readers of this blog will know that I really do adore miniatures and I thought I would share a few new discoveries with you all, including the one above which is of an unknown girl by Ignazio Campana.

The two daughters of the infamous Madame de Genlis, Caroline-Jeanne (1765-1786) and Pulchérie-Nicole (1766-1847). Caroline was to marry the Marquis de la Woestine and have three children: Eglantine, Charles-Alexis and Léocadie, before dying at the age of twenty one. Pulchérie (who was known as Péky), who married the Vicomte de Valence and had two daughters: Félicie and Rose.

The Canoness of Golmin, painted in 1780 by Nicolas Hallé.

A mother and child by Jean-Baptiste le Tellier.

An unknown girl, painted by Jean-Baptiste Augustin in 1790.

Another unknown beauty, painted by Jean-Baptiste Weyler. Clearly if you wanted your son to go into the painting miniatures profession, christening him ‘Jean-Baptiste’ was the way to go!

The Marquise de Flavacourt, painted by Pierre Adolphe Hall.

The Comtesse d’Estrades by Pierre Adolphe Hall.

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