So how much are these beautiful portraits worth?

13 May 2010

A lovely and serene portrait of Madame de Sêrent painted by the acclaimed portraitist Jean-Marc Nattier in 1754. If you have ever wondered how much it would cost to have your very own eighteenth century masterpiece hanging in the sitting room, this charming painting was recently sold by Christies London for £49,250.

In the same sale were:

The Duchesse de Phalaris, Largillière, which sold for £37,250.

Hortense de Mancini by Voet, which sold for £15,000.

Elizabeth Colvile by Thomas Gainsborough, which sold for £91,250.

Elizabeth, Lady Dashwood (how very Jane Austen) by Firmin Massot, which sold for £25,000.

Mademoiselle Guimard by Schall, which was sold for £10,000.

Mrs Wells by Sir Joshua Reynolds, which sold for £49,250.

Miss Rachel Long by John Vanderbank, which sold for £8,125.

Portrait of a lady dressed in blue by Lely, which went for £12,500.

Portrait of a lady by Robert Lefevre, which sold for £15,000.

Nice to see that no matter what the current economic climate might be, the fine art world continues just as it always did. It’s surprising how comparatively little some of these works go for isn’t it?

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