14 April 2010

I am over half way through my new book now. It’s been a bit of a wobbly experience as I have been wrestling with ill health, work commitments, the boys and writers block throughout but I’m getting there.

I don’t have a title yet – at the moment it is just known as 1789, but will probably have to think of a new title. I’m terrible at making up titles though! The writing bit is fine, but coming up with a title that properly evokes what the whole book is about? Oh no.

I’m still very nervous about approaching agents and publishers so will probably be self publishing through Lulu again – hopefully in the Autumn. Unless anyone knows any agents who are interested in family sagas set during the French Revolution? No? What a surprise!

Anyway, I should get back to it. I’ve just written about the prison massacres of September 1792 and the next stop is January 1793!