The Secret Diary of a Princess

20 February 2010

The Secret Diary of a Princess has been selling quite well at Lulu, with some very lovely friends buying copies for themselves! I’m so very grateful to you all and feel like just the book isn’t enough and that I should be sending you cupcakes and glittery stickers as well to go with it. Maybe I should?

Remember, if you want to get a copy, you can get either a hard copy or a download so there really is something for everyone!

Don’t forget to go back to the Lulu page and leave a review when you have finished! I am longing to hear what everyone thinks! I’ve had some really great feedback so far and am thrilled that readers have been enjoying my work so much. I’ve even created a couple of new Marie Antoinette enthusiasts along the way!

Also coming up is a special guest blog by myself on Lucy’s gorgeous blog Enchanted by Josephine, in which I will chatter aimlessly about what inspired The Secret Diary and also about the arduous transformation that turned the gawky, Archduchess Maria Antonia into the poised and elegant Dauphine Marie Antoinette. I’ll let you all know when that has been posted!

Many thanks again to everyone who has bought a copy. I really hope you enjoy it!

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