Margaret Wyatt, Lady Lee

19 January 2010

A sixteenth century copy of Lady Lee’s portrait by Hans Holbein.

Margaret Wyatt was the sister of the poet Sir Thomas Wyatt and a close contemporary of Anne Boleyn, as they were probably around the same age and grew up near to each other in Kent before Anne was sent abroad to the Netherlands and then France to be educated.

It would seem that the girls became close when Anne returned to England and Margaret was later to be appointed one of her ladies in waiting. It would seem that Anne’s romance with Margaret’s brother Thomas had no detrimental effect on their friendship and Margaret would eventually be appointed Mistress of the Queen’s Wardrobe, an immense honour at the Tudor court.

Margaret accompanied Anne to the Tower after her arrest in 1536 and was with her when she died, receiving her last ever gift upon the scaffold, of a prayer book. She would also act as chief mourner at Anne’s small funeral at Saint Peter ad Vincula church.

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