Paris Street; Rainy Day

23 December 2009

Dave’s family home was recently sold off and as a result we ‘inherited’ a few pieces of furniture that we needed to shoehorn into our flat. It’s worked out quite well, surprisingly and it’s looking pretty good in here, if a bit cramped.

One of the good things is that moving a bookcase freed up some space for the lovely print of Paris Street; Rainy Day by Gustave Caillebotte, that Dave bought for me LAST Christmas! It looks pretty good hanging in its new home and I have just been admiring it, while drinking Green & Blacks hot chocolate and listening to the sound of heavy rain falling on the sky light above our mezzanine.

It’s a powerful and oddly beautiful piece, depicting a street near the Gare St Lazare in Paris, sometime in 1877. It’s just right for this time of year but perhaps in Summer I will replace it with a Monet poppy field.

It looks fabulous, though with the snow from the WordPress ‘falling snow’ feature drifting across it, like some amazing animation of a wintry day in 19th century Paris. Have a quick look!

It’s a sleepy day here. Felix is ill and asleep on the sofa. I’m working and watching Miracle on 34th Street and Oscar is having a nap in his cot, after ingloriously falling asleep head first in his macaroni cheese. Can’t believe that it is almost Christmas!

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