Marie Antoinette’s bedroom, Versailles

7 December 2009

Some photographs of Marie Antoinette’s bedroom at Versailles. It’s a bit over the top isn’t it? It’s funny really though that technically this is simply the ‘Queen’s’ bedroom but the other residents don’t really get a mention, it is and always will be the bedroom of Marie Antoinette.

View of the mantelpiece, where a beautiful bust of Marie Antoinette stands, looking out haughtily over the millions of visitors who pass by every year.

The hidden door beside the bed, which Marie Antoinette used to make her escape from the mob in October 1789. I have actually been through the door and down the very corridor, thanks to a cunning ploy of pretending to have a headache on one of my visits. The very kindly guard took me past the balustrade and within touching distance of the royal bed then through the door and down the corridor to the Oeuil de Boeuf room that lies at the other end. It was amazing.

The bed, complete with reconstructions of the beautiful fabric that Marie Antoinette used in summer. It has flowers, ribbons and peacock feathers intertwined.

Another view of the bedroom. Never mind the Hall of Mirrors or even the King’s bedroom on the other side of the château, this was the very heart of Versailles and the place that everyone wanted to be admitted to. Although Marie Antoinette actually prefered to sleep in a smaller, cosier room elsewhere in the palace, this was the room that was used for her official levée and coucher, the ceremonies of getting up and going to bed. It was also where the Queen was required to give birth: we know that Marie Antoinette had her children on a pallet bed that was set up more or less where I was standing when I took his photograph.

A close up view of the beautiful fabric used in the room.

The headboard, where you can see Marie Antoinette’s insignia: a combined M and A.

The amazing canopy, topped with an Imperial eagle, a reminder of her faraway home along with the portraits of her mother Maria Theresa and brother Joseph, which hang on the walls.

The sofa tucked in next to the door and covered with the same beautiful fabric.