Princess Diana

4 December 2009

This is a photograph of Princess Diana, taken on the day that I met her in Summer 1988. Note that she was wearing a large amount of blue eyeliner. The mortar board is in honour of the Royal College of Surgeons as she was there to present degree certificates or something or other. I was asked along to meet up with her privately after the ceremony and present a bouquet of flowers. I will never forget the sick feeling of mingled dread and panic that overcame me when she walked down the stairs and came towards me. I was so terrified that I had to be reminded to curtsey and couldn’t reply when she chatted to me about my red dress and red hair and the clash thereof, no doubt. I remember her commenting on how we matched because we were both in red and everyone laughed as though it was the funniest thing ever.

I really like this photograph as for once you can actually see why people raved on about how beautiful she was.

She had extraordinarily soft hands. You would expect callouses due to all that hand shaking. ;)

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