New Moon

25 November 2009

I went to see New Moon this afternoon, which was pretty unusual as I don’t usually see films until they are almost at the end of their cinema run IF AT ALL. It was quite exciting actually as this involved my first visit to the new Showcase de Luxe in Cabot Circus, Bristol. We were cheap and didn’t go for the Director’s Lounge, whatever that involves but instead slummed it in one of the ordinary cinemas, which was still pretty plush.

To my surprise there were only about four other people in the screening. I had expected to be surrounded by gaggles of giggling teenage girls with too much black eyeliner and unlaced Converses balanced on the backs of the seats in front. Instead there was myself, my friend Stevy and a handful of um more ‘mature’ couples.

Anyway! Onward to the film! New Moon isn’t actually that bad and in many ways, namely confidence of direction and acting, general artyness of the cinematography, marginally less embarrassingly awful script, awesomeness of the soundtrack, it is actually better than Twilight. HOWEVER, it is far too long and there are few things that could match the dismay I felt when I looked at my phone, realised that we had already been in there for two hours and then had the hideous revelation that we hadn’t even got to the Italy bit yet.

I also felt faintly depressed for much of it as all the hormonal gushing and angsting and misery made me regress slightly to my own hideous adolescence and other rather DARK periods in my past, when I was a bit of an emotional mess with a tendency to fling myself at really unsuitable men.

Miserable nostalgia aside, some bits of the film are really, really good, namely the scene where the wolves chase Victoria through the forest and also a few other bits, probably involving Jacob taking his top off. He did that a lot. I’m not sure that that was even his real body. How is that even possible?! Also good were the bits at the cinema and any and all scenes that involved either Jacob or, God help me, Charlie Swan.

Is it wrong that Bella’s father is possibly the hottest guy in the entire film? if only he would get rid of that moustache.

Special mention should be made about the bit with the Volturi in Italy, which made sense in the book but seemed rushed and a bit out of place in the film. The Volturi were, quite frankly, ludicrous with their camp costuming and ridiculous lift music and ambience of snickering Hammer horror eeeeveeel. Having said that, I was quite shocked and upset by the inclusion of children in the tourist group, which was quite a bold and unnecessarily grim move, I thought, on the part of the director.

Anyhow, I always thought I was a bit of a Team Edward girl as I just can’t resist that public school boy charm and do think that Rob Pattinson is quite attractive in an angular, doe eyed Jedward sort of way BUT I think I may have been converted to Team Jacob this afternoon as actually, Bella, I think you picked the wrong one. Sorry, but there it is.

Anyway, yes, make sure you wear comfy clothes as it drags on a bit but expect to be reasonably entertained nonetheless.

Anyway, we saw the trailer for Sherlock Holmes and I AM VERY EXCITED NOW. We are going to go and see it on Boxing Day so expect a full report afterwards.

Met up with Dave and the lovely boys afterwards and had a bit of a wander around the German market in Bristol, which was rather nice. Can’t wait to go to the Bath Christmas Market at the start of next month!

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