Murder on the Orient Express, FINALLY

18 November 2009

ITV have FINALLY released details of the upcoming adaptation of Agatha Christie’s Murder on the Orient Express, which will probably be screened sometime next year.

Like their brilliant recent version of  Death on the Nile, it sounds like it is going to be rather big budget with filming taking place in Malta as well as London and with Dame Eileen Atkins (hmm, I wonder who she will be playing?!), David Morrissey and Hugh Bonneville onboard as well as the wonderful David Suchet.

I can’t wait, although has anyone else noticed how much DARKER the more recent Poirot episodes have been? I wonder if, as with Midsomer Murders, they are filming two versions side by side – one for the post nine o clock audience and another that is suitable to be screened in the afternoons devant les enfants.


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