Wolf Hall

6 October 2009


First of all, I am beyond thrilled that Hilary Mantel’s Wolf Hall won the Booker Prize tonight. Mantel wrote my favourite book ever, A Place of Greater Safety and I am so pleased that her foray into sixteenth century fiction has received so much critical acclaim. I probably should get round to reading it really!

I don’t think I have been this pleased by a Booker Prize winner since A.S Byatt won with Possession many, many years ago.

Today has been ever so slightly grim as I had to be sedated again due to one of the fillings that I had a fornight not behaving as it ought. I had assumed that the whole tooth would have to come out but in the end I (only?) had a root filling, which wasn’t too bad although I feel like I have been punched repeatedly in the face as a result. It was funny though as this time the sedation was pretty light, or so I thought, and I kept telling them that it wasn’t working only to come out afterwards and find out that what I thought was a five minute procedure had taken the best part of forty minutes. I’m such a fan of sedation.

Anyway, tomorrow we are going to take Felix to see Toy Story 3D. He is VERY excited about this. Oscar and I are going to do some shopping instead as I have some birthday money to spend. I’m going to hunt for Emma Bridgewater pumpkin mugs in John Lewis and maybe get the new Jamie Oliver and River Cottage cookery books.