5 October 2009


A Victorian Prostitute and From Hell obsessive like myself couldn’t possibly fail to be intrigued by the current adverts for the new Christian Lacroix scent Absynthe with swirling, sensuous references to green fairies and turn of the century decadence.

It is only available via Avon, which gives me pause as I haven’t quite got used to Avon’s reinvention as an actual worthwhile cosmetic company and am still stuck in a late eighties mindset of saccharine shower gels, pastel lipstick and teddy bears dressed as Santa. Maybe this could be enough to entice me into the fold?

I will certainly be trying to track down a sample at some point to see if it is as I imagine it to be (slightly liquorice with a hint of fennel) as opposed to a generic Opium rip off, which is always an inherent danger. Apparently it has top notes of absinthe extract, golden freesia, green anis; heart notes of orchid, saffron, narcissus nectar and a base of antique wood, ebony musk, myrrh, amber.

I’m fairly sure that the presence of absinthe extract is quite harmless and won’t make you at worst find yourself roasting wasps on a spit while yelling ‘I’m the lonely soldier!’ or at best help you solve the Jack the Ripper murders while lazing in a bath and looking all winsomely attractive. Hm.

Anyway, if it sounds like your particular mug of gin, it costs a startlingly mere £20 from Avon. Let me know what it is like if you get hold of it before me?