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17 September 2009


Look, just look at my happy grinning little men.


Soooo, what have I been up to? Now, I wish, oh how I wish, that I could reply with a list of interesting things but alas no. I have been busy as usual but have remarkably little to show for it other than a sprained shoulder (from dozing off on the sofa) and a dining room littered with toast crumbs courtesy of Oscar.


Another thing that I have is a PLAN. Now that I have a tiny bit of agent interest in my Work In Progress I am clearly going to have to get cracking and actually FINISH it. Now, I’m not sure if my tardyness is actually down to lack of time or if this is an excuse to mask the truth that actually I am a bit bored with writing about people drifting around Versailles. Only time will tell. I’m currently writing about Cassandre at Versailles in October 1789 and it’s going well. The picture above is how I picture her in my head.

The plan is to do two hours work in the mornings while Felix is at pre-school then another two or three hours in the evening when the boys are in bed. This will free up more time for me to be able to write. Now, this SHOULD work but I am a Mistress of PROCRASTINATION so don’t hold your breath or expect any announcements that the book is finished any time soon.


In other news, I would like to announce that Miss Nightingale from Beyond The Pale is winner of my Faye L Booth giveaway. Well done! I seriously think that it is just your mug of gin. :)


I love this picture of Oscar and I from last week. Note the juxtapositioning of our familial interests behind me. We have art, Marie Antoinette, a Dalek and er a fairy. Okay, maybe not the fairy but there is a lot of Marie Antoinette and Daleks in our flat.


We are HUGE Muse fans here, which may or may not be unexpected and have been on tenterhooks for months waiting for the new album. Dave downloaded it from iTunes at midnight on the release date (is this sad?) and we both really, really love it. It is fantastic for writing to as it is all big and swirly and has um mention of revolutions. The only drawback is the occasional lapse into sounding like Queen. Now, I know this is an unpopular opinion but I can’t stand Queen. There. I said it. Now let the flamings commence.

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