A Pocket Full of Rye – Marple

7 September 2009


Tonight was the UK debut of the new look Marple and it definitely didn’t disappoint. I still prefer Geraldine McEwan’s portrayal of Miss Marple to that of Julia McKenzie, although she does bring a certain calm, considered interpretation to the role that will probaby grow on me.

They didn’t take too many liberties with the original Agatha Christie plot this time, only adding a few extra back stories and additional embellishments that didn’t jar too much as they were all typical of Christie anyway.


The acting, I thought, was superb. I loved Adele Fortescue; especially her confusion when Inspector Neale asks about all the Yew trees around the house. I also loved poor Gladys and was pleased to find out that she was played by Libby Purves’ daughter, Rose who I have read about as a baby in her mother’s fabulous books (I recommend How Not To Be A Perfect Parent to everyone) but who is all grown up now and a fantastic actress.


Matthew Macfadyen was good as the detective. It’s amazing how unattractive a usually handsome man can become with just the small addition of a moustache isn’t it? I usually like Rupert Graves but he was vile in this, really slimey and horrible. It was a far cry from his lovely Scudder in Maurice. Oh sigh.

I always love Lucy Cohu, who played Pat Fortescue. I think she is an amazing actress and was seemingly born to wear 1950s costume as she looked marvellous as Princess Margaret in The Queen’s Sister as well. She was the high point of Becoming Jane too, as her glamorous French cousin Eliza.


I’m confused though by Helen Baxendale’s fake nose. What was the point of that?

Oh and since when was hailing someone as ‘my old crusty crumpet!’ a sign of affection? It sounds a bit lurid to me but then maybe I have been listening to too much Emilie Autumn.