Chapter four, the final afternoon at Petit Trianon

31 August 2009


Well, I braved letting someone else read my work and sent the first three chapters off to the very lovely Miss Nightingale from Beyond the Pale, whose opinion on these matters I trust ABSOLUTELY. To my relief, she really enjoyed it so I feel emboldened to Carry On and see what happens.


The chapter I am working on at the moment follows one of the characters, Cassandre on the fateful day in October 1789 when the mob marched on Versailles and brought the royal family and court back to Paris in their wake.


It is fun to write about Versailles as it was at the very end of the ancien régime, but sad too as you know that things will never be the same again both for France but also for the people, real and imagined who were involved in all of the upheaval.


I am having fun with Cassandre as she is like a kittenish Madame de Merteuil. Actually, she isn’t like Madame la Marquise at all in that she has a heart beneath all of the coquettry and hectic fan fluttering. I’m looking forward to exploring her character a lot more.


In the chapter, she accompanies Marie Antoinette to the Petit Trianon and is the one to break the news of the mob marching on the palace of Versailles. That afternoon at the Petit Trianon was the final beautiful, exquisite moment in the story of Marie Antoinette. Did she realise, as the carriage raced her back through the palace grounds to her husband’s side that she would never see it again? Did she gaze out of the windows and whisper goodbye?


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