Oscar is walking!

21 August 2009


Oscar took his first steps this week. He was quite pleased with himself!


We made the most of the sunshine yesterday and spent the afternoon doing some work on Dave’s mum’s house while the boys played in the garden. It feels really weird without her in there and instead of getting easier, it just seems to feel increasingly odd as her house becomes progressively more empty.


This afternoon we took Felix to Bristol airport to watch planes, as he loves it. I am always surprised by how many other people park up to watch the planes as well, often those without the excuse of young children! It is a bit of a nerdy thing to do isn’t it?

I want to see as many as possible as I am quite frightened of flying and want to get over it. I thought that if I saw enough planes take off and land then it would become normalised and would no longer make me feel afraid. Dave is encouraging this as he wants us to go to New York at some point soon but right now there is NO way he would be able to get me on to the plane!


I have had a few emails from people asking how we are all doing and I am never sure what to say. We are still struggling quite a bit with the whole thing and not really getting over it. Dave is devastated, as you might expect and I just don’t know what to do to make things better for him. It is pretty horrendous. I hope that one day we will get past this.

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