Madame Mégret de Sérilly

8 August 2009


I have already written about the beautiful Anne-Marie-Louise Thomas de Domangeville de Sérilly, Comtesse de Pange and her lovely pink brick hôtel in the Marais but wanted to revisit her for a little while after finding a charming painting of her with her family.
megret de serilly

Her beautiful bust by Houdon depicts her at the height of her beauty at the age of twenty.  History tells us that Madame de Sérilly had clear, luminous grey eyes and lustrous chestnut hair. Her life was tragic: she was orphaned at an early age and despite spending her early married life at the centre of a brilliant group of artists, writers and thinkers things took a downward slide during the revolution when her first husband was guillotined in 1793. Madame de Sérilly escaped the same fate by being pregnant (genuinely so) and went on to fight a law suit to get her possessions back before marrying two more times and then dying of consumption at the early age of thirty six.

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