Daily Archives: April 1, 2014

Crown of Thistles

Despite having made the point several times on this blog that I am not exactly a fan of Mary Queen of Scots, I have recently started to wonder if I am not in fact her BIGGEST fan due to the fact that I am helplessly drawn like a moth towards a flame to the mere mention of her and any new books about her (unless they are tie ins with the exercable horror that is Reign or the very worst kind of romantic historical fiction) are pretty much an insta-buy for me. I can’t help it. Even though I am […]

Hampton Court Sleepover – Georgian frolics

Long term readers of this blog may well recall my ENORMOUS over excitement about attending the Elizabethan themed Hampton Court Sleepover last September. It was a night of Tudor dancing, wine, strange sixteenth century food, angry Elizabeth I and all manner of hilarity before we bedded down for the night in the Cartoon Gallery overlooking the stately Fountain Court in the heart of the palace. It was an incredible experience – just sleeping in the palace would have been enough really but to be able to roam around in the dead of night and see the Great Hall and Haunted […]